Let's Start a Vegalution!

Plant-Based Consulting

Let Veg Box help your business adapt to the growing trend of healthy and allergy aware eating!

We offer food service consulting:

  • Employee training and execution
  • Recipe and menu development
  • Purchasing and food cost
  • Food allergy awareness training and menu reference guide        
  • Gluten-free and allergy friendly menu options
  • Transform your favorite dishes into a healthy plant-based version

With the culinary skills and “out of the box” thinking of our creative chefs, each meal will excite your taste buds with bold flavor and  texture. You will taste amazing substitutes for animal products and comfort classics.

We work with many businesses such as restaurants, food trucks and festival vendors, bars offering appetizers, cafes, coffee shops, smoothie bars, natural food stores, wellness centers, and schools. 

plant-based consulting and training videos
plant-based consulting and training videos


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